Mpg VOLKSWAGEN Polo 1.2 70 HP

Type: Hatchback 3 doors
Fuel type: Petrol
Transmission type: Front
Gearbox: Manual 5

Combined users MPG

Urban MPG


Extra-urban MPG


Combined MPG


City autonomy: 0.0 Miles,highway: 0.0 Miles

Official mpg    (Do you have other info?)

urban/city: 37.2
extra-urban/highway: 58.9
combined: 48.7

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1.2 55 HP (2 MPGs)

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Marc -
U: 35.3 in London
E: 61.4 (London-Glasgow)
C: 45.6
Thomas -
U: 40.4 in London
E: 56.5 (M2)
C: 47.1

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