Mpg VAUXHALL Corsa 1.2 16V 80 HP

Type: Hatchback 3 doors
Fuel type: Petrol
Transmission type: Front
Gearbox: Manual 5

Combined users MPG

Urban MPG


Extra-urban MPG


Combined MPG


City autonomy: 372.8 Miles,highway: 435.0 Miles

Official mpg    (Do you have other info?)

urban/city: 36.7
extra-urban/highway: 60.1
combined: 48.7


What is the MPG VAUXHALL Corsa 1.2 16V city: 29.8, 35, Glasgow, Manchester, Milton Keynes, perth ?

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The heroes that have contributed VAUXHALL Corsa 1.2 16V 80 PS

Danny -
U: 37.4 in 29.8
E: 41.8 (A720 Edinburgh)
C: 32.4
MPGs: Some Spirited Driving But Mostly Eco Mode. Fith Gear At 35, Changing at 2500 Revs And Fully Serviced, Quite Poor Due To Weight Of The Car. Will Be Remapped For More Economy"

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Paul -
U: 29.1 in London
E: 42.8 (London-Edinburgh)
C: 35.3
Comentarios: the mpg depends on the driving style
GJwad9hmh -
Glad I've finally found somhteing I agree with!
Nick -
U: 28.0 in London
E: 41.0 (a1)
C: 36.0
Comentarios: It's an ok car, i really regret not buying the automatic (semiautomati i think) version. I tested it and is really smooth. Not fast, but smooth.
Anne -
U: 28.2 in London
E: 47.1 (London-Newcastle)
C: 37.7
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Henri -
U: 48.7 in Northampton
E: 36.2 (Northampton-Leeds)
C: 43.5
OdhZae4j -
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zsossz -
U: 34.0 in Aberdeen
E: 54.0 (Aberdeen-Edinburg)
C: 41.5
Comentarios: 3200 miles I hope better later
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Kyle -
U: 38.0 in 24
E: 40.0 (M6 Coventry-Stoke)
C: 34.0
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Harry -
U: 35.3 in London
E: 47.1 (London-Leeds)
C: 40.4
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