Mpg RENAULT Laguna III 2.0 dCi 150 HP

Type: Hatchback 5 doors
Fuel type: Diesel
Transmission type: Front
Gearbox: Automatic 6 gears

Combined users MPG

Urban MPG


Extra-urban MPG


Combined MPG


City autonomy: 372.8 Miles,highway: 621.4 Miles

Official mpg    (Do you have other info?)

urban/city: 29.4
extra-urban/highway: 50.4
combined: 40.4


What is the MPG RENAULT Laguna III 2.0 dCi city: London, Newcastle, Reading ?
What is the MPG RENAULT Laguna III 2.0 dCi highway: constanta-tirano, London-Birmingham ?

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The heroes that have contributed RENAULT Laguna III 2.0 dCi 150 PS

Jamie -
U: 22.1 in Newcastle
E: 39.2
C: 30.4
EztPlVyDH -
Adaş, süper olmuş kombin.. Kitty li küpe ne güzel olmuş :)hepsi her bir parça ha.iear.Güzkl bir gün olmuş, şu rest. dan biraz daha açık bahsetseydin ist. dışında olanlar için :)sana da mutlu bayramlar canımmm
Joshua -
U: 23.5 in London
E: 40.4 (London-Birmingham)
C: 35.3
R6Zisdifm -
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James -
U: 31.4 in Reading
E: 56.5 (constanta-tirano)
C: 40.4

What's your MPG for RENAULT Laguna III 2.0 dCi 150 HP ?

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