Mpg NISSAN Juke 1.6i 117 HP

Type: Off Road
Fuel type: Petrol
Transmission type: Front
Gearbox: Manual 5

Combined users MPG

Urban MPG


Extra-urban MPG


Combined MPG


City autonomy: 186.4 Miles,highway: 310.7 Miles

Official mpg    (Do you have other info?)

urban/city: 34.9
extra-urban/highway: 53.3
combined: 44.8


What is the MPG NISSAN Juke 1.6i city: 12.9, banchory ?
What is the MPG NISSAN Juke 1.6i highway: aberdeen-braemar, aberdeenshire ?

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The heroes that have contributed NISSAN Juke 1.6i 117 PS

graeme morrison -
U: 27.6 in 12.9
E: 30.3 (aberdeen-braemar)
C: 33.3
MPGs: allways two people never in sport mode not a fast driver "wife dosent like it" full tank till ran dry 333miles all in!
graeme morrison -
U: 12.9 in banchory
E: 27.6 (aberdeenshire)
C: 33.3
MPGs: Always two people and never in sport mode as I’m not a fast driver "wife doesn’t like it"! From a full tank till it ran dry “empty” 333miles all in! That’s town driving and country driving as well not used on the motorway! From the time the fuel light came on! I got 81.7 miles “251.3 main tank then 81.7miles with fuel light on“ fuel computer told me only 34miles!! How this car can do 52mpg is beyond me trip computer has never been above 40mpg yet not good on fuel this car!

Do you know the MPG diesel 1.5 dCi 110 HP ?

What's your MPG for NISSAN Juke 1.6i 117 HP ?

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